Sunday, March 20, 2011

Panasonic FV08VQ5 or FV11VQ5 Bath Fan Installation

Identical fan body hardware is used in Panasonic FV08VQ5 and Panasonic FV11VQ5 fans.

A story is told in Google Photos albums: 

This installation involves separation of the fan/ motor assembly, and fan body for easier handling. It is possible to install without such separation.  

In this installation, further steps effect novel ducting of the fan through the roof:

Please pick document posted 4/9/2011, Replace Bath Fan.

The novelty in ducting includes roof sheathing reinforcement that would be mandatory in many installations as with the common sheathing plywood over skip sheathing, where skip sheathing may be so weakened as to not tolerate weight of a worker on the roof. A further novelty is an invented three-piece penetration, the 4" solid steel duct, a collar assembly for water-tight integration with composition shingles, and the roof cap seated only under top-course shingles.


  1. I must appreciate your post which is helping us in such a great manner.


  2. This is really helpful. Thank you so much for taking the time to document your steps in such detail. The simple addition of the scrap piece of lumber made installation so much less complex.

  3. I really appreciate this kind response. I just found this today, in drafting a message to Panasonic about unhappiness with Sensing fans VQC5. I found the humidity sensing is useless where fans run on indefinitely at setting below 60% relative humidity. I could not accept advice to just set at 80% top-of-scale; then why have the sensing. I was told there are Panasonic videos that teach my method of installation, and will admit there is something here:
    It's nasty loud and only offers that a steel mounting bracket is available. I admit to Panasonic that the bracket permits rigid pre-attachment of the steel Adapter Assembly, duct attachment and wiring completed as in blind assembly, not accessible in an attic.